A woman in a black long-sleeved surf suit with a cheeky bikini bottom crouches beside a white surfboard, gazing into the distance on a beachfront with palm trees in the background.

You’re in good company.

Meeting on the picturesque island of Namotu in Fiji, Lucy and Marlo, the founders of Lumar Active, instantly connected over their shared philosophy on life, the love of adventure, and the belief in lifelong learning. Fueled by their passion for the great outdoors, they soon realized a common challenge: the scarcity of swimwear that combined functionality, performance, sun protection, and style. Recognizing the need for a solution, they created Lumar Active.

Now based in San Diego, Lumar Active has broken the confines of traditional swimwear & surfwear. Our brand defies boundaries with clothing that seamlessly bridges these categories. Our designs are versatile enough to accompany you on all your adventures, whether on land or at sea. Whether you’re hiking, swimming, surfing, diving, or simply basking in the sun, our entire collection serves a purpose and is crafted to match your versatility.

Why We Want to Use Less Sunscreen

A life of adventure also means a lot of time spent in the sun.

Our designs prioritize both your skin’s protection with UPF50 fabrics and the well-being of our planet by reducing the need for excessive sunscreen, which is better for our oceans and reefs.

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A woman in a blue long-sleeved rash guard and bikini bottoms walks towards the ocean on a sunny beach.


Clarity and transparency are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring our values match our actions, every step of the way.

 A woman wearing a long-sleeve swimsuit carries a surfboard

We are dedicated to educating our community at every opportunity, providing transparent and candid insights into our decision-making process for each element we choose. We highlight the advantages and reasons behind our responsible choices, both for our brand and the planet.

Our pursuit of uniqueness extends to every aspect of our brand, whether it’s our website design, product performance, or selecting our next adventure destination. This distinct approach to sustainability empowers our customers with choices that align with their passions and environmental impact concerns. We firmly believe that choice equals power, and by joining forces, we can catalyze significant change.

With a deep-rooted love for exploring the world and a genuine admiration for adventurous souls, we design to inspire. Our mission is to effect positive change wherever possible and motivate you to embrace new experiences with confidence.

Here's to the next adventure.

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