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Active in all things, including sustainability included, our brand values are led by the goals of the UN SDG. These interconnected goals impact both land and sea, as well as all of their inhabitants, and are factored into every decision we make.

Garment Design

The way we design our pieces is carefully considered to maximize the use of material, while minimizing off-cuts. We work directly with our manufacturers to ensure excess fabric is utilized for future pieces or donated for other local initiatives.

Lumar Active - Hipster Bikini Bottom Wine

01 – Fabric

Regenerated Nylon (ECONYL) acts as the basis of the majority of our garments. ECONYL is an exciting new innovative yarn, which is causing quite the buzz in the circulatory space. Made from sourcing existing materials such as fishing nets, old carpet and tulle. Using ECONYL means Lumar Active is not wholly reliant on virgin materials, which is a huge win for sustainability.


Men: mixture of recycled PET fabrics

Womens: Sustainable ECONYL nylon fabric (100% recycled from pre-post industrial waste)

Lumar Active - Long Sleeve Surf Suit Black, Pocket

02 – Zippers

Our zipper tape is made from 100% recycled polyester, with zipper teeth including a composite of recycled and standard materials due to durability requirements. We choose to keep our tape white to avoid dyes. Recycled polyester reduces emissions by 32% compared to virgin polyester in other zipper options. Also 60% electricity saving and 94% water saving by using GRS certified yarn. All meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).


Has both GRS and GOTS
certifications for these products.

Lumar Active - Hipster Bikini Bottom Ocean Blue, Diving

Designed for Purpose and Longevity

Lumar Active pieces are made for performance using premium materials at every opportunity.

We are always looking to discover innovative fabrics, applications and trims for our garments that enhance their wearing life.All of our fabric and trim selections are made with resource efficiency and recyclability in mind.Lumar Active uses recycled fabrics as much as possible and working only with suppliers that meet OEKOTex & Global Recycled Standards. As part of our future focus, we continue to develop strategies and services to increase product life at other points in the cycle such as: repair, donation, and upcycling.