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In Focus: Sustainable Packaging

As it currently stands, 91% ofpackaging ends up in landfill. When you decide to birth a business of your own, you’re raising your hand to build your own utopia, or...

As it currently stands, 91% of
packaging ends up in landfill.


When you decide to birth a business of your own, you’re raising your hand to build your own utopia, or at least work towards the utopia you envision. You set the rules, you dream the dreams and you decide what you’ll stand for. Launching Lumar Active has been the most rewarding of journeys, because for us, it goes well beyond ‘business’. In building this venture, we as a team, get to decide exactly how great or how small our impact on this planet will be. Every decision we make is filtered through our fundamental question: If the planet could speak, what would she say?

When it came to our packaging, we were deeply committed to treading as lightly as possible.

With the rise of ecommerce and consumerism comes a new set of environmental problems, making the materials we use to package and handle products a key consideration when it comes to the impact on our planet. As a brand it is our environmental responsibility to invest time and money into sustainable packaging solutions for our products, so that we minimise our footprint as much as possible.

Here at Lumar Active we are proud to champion sustainable packaging solutions that our consumers can feel good about, too.

Sustainable packaging is never one size fits all, so we have taken a considered packaging approach, choosing multiple packaging options to cater for our customers ability to recycle/reuse/compost. Here’s how we’re pushing more better packaging:

Garment Bags 

For our garment bags we are utilising a sustainable solution called Invisible Bags to replace the traditional plastic bag. Plastic obviously doesn’t decompose, so typical plastic garment bags that end up in landfill or worse in our oceans, wreak havoc on our planet. Invisible Bags are water soluble which means our customers can dispose of them by simply using hot water to break them down in the sink. The Invisible Bag is also compostable, biodegradable and does not contain harmful PP, PE, PS or PVC plastic or form microplastics, making them the perfect non-toxic alternative to plastic garment bags.


Mailer Bags 

When it comes to our Mailer Bags, we let our customers choose the best option to suit their needs — At checkout, you have a choice between a compostable mailer bag or a recyclable paper mailer bag depending on your access to compost or recycling. We hope this helps compostable mailer bags avoid ending up in landfill due to a lack of composting access. Our paper mailer bags are made from FSC-certified recycled wood pulp and are both durable and waterproof. Our compostable mailer bags, on the other hand, are made from a renewable bioplastic film that breaks down into healthy compost leaving no microplastics behind. No matter your choice, it’s a win-win situation.


Our biggest priority is education and allowing our customers to have autonomy around their choices. No one solution is sustainable for all and each has their pros and cons. Our goal is to help educate and inform our customers, to challenge the status quo and ultimately, to set a new standard for the fashion industry. 


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